What is shuttle mediation?

Time and time again, we hear from parties in dispute that they don’t want to be in the room with the other party but still want mediation.

While, it can be advantageous for shared understanding & relationship repair for parties to discuss their issues in the same room, it’s not always advisable, realistic or even safe!

In situations of high conflict, it’s often preferable to minimise, or eliminate, the time the parties spend together in mediation in order to reduce the risk of intimidation or aggression during the mediation process. The mediator is responsible for creating a “safe space” for mediation and must act accordingly based on their experience & judgement.

Shuttle mediation is an internationally tried & recommended method to achieve these aims, including in cases where domestic violence has been alleged or established.

In “Shuttle Mediation”, the mediator┬áseparates the parties into different rooms, with the mediator moving between the two rooms during the negotiations. Separate (or “Parallel”) Mediation involves the parties meeting the mediators on different days with the time, and sometimes even the location, kept confidential.

ARC mediators have over 8 years, and over 200 cases, experience in using Shuttle and Separate Mediation techniques across a range of mediations including family, workplace and commercial. The facilities we use for mediation in Waterford, Kilkenny & Dublin have been chosen for their suitability for Shuttle & Separate Mediation with multiple private and comfortable rooms.

If you feel shuttle or separate mediation would be an option in your case, please contact us to discuss.