Regional Leaders Programme 2019/20

ARC Mediation will be involved in the Waterford Chamber of Commerce’ Regional Leaders Programme again for the 2019/20 enrolment.

At Waterford Chamber Regional Leaders Launch; Shane Dempsey, Marie Dennehy of ARC, Gerard Hurley CEO of Waterford Chamber

L-R: Shane Dempsey & Marie Dennehy of ARC, Gerard Hurley CEO of Waterford Chamber

The programme features group and individual mentors who provide assistance, guidance and support to other Chamber members. As the Waterford Chamber CEO, Gerard Hurley, explained

“The programme is designed to develop business leaders for the future through mentorship and skills sharing and is aimed at professionals who want to develop their leadership skills or for companies who would like to increase the capacity of their internal talent pool to ensure the next generation of their company is in safe hands.”

Dr Roisin O’Shea and Shane Dempsey of ARC will be group mentors, while Shane and Marie Dennehy are acting as individual mentors.

For ARC this is an opportunity to give local businesses the benefit of a decade’s experience in organisational conflict management, but also to provide mentees with insights into how workplace conflict and stress can be turned into opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Our experience shows that businesses that attempt to tackle problems with sensitivity and diligence can turn difficult situations into long term wins. This applies to many forms of workplace conflict resolution including workplace mediations and succession discussions. These are opportunities to take stock of what a business is doing well, what can be improved and how to motivate all staff members to achieve the business goals in a nurturing and productive environment.

In the words of Kilchiro Toyoda, founder of Toyota Motor Company

“Every defect is a treasure, if the company can uncover its cause and work to prevent it across the corporation.”