How Mediation can Help Your Business

A significant volume of our work involves conflict management and resolution activities that may not be immediately recognised as mediation. Examples include

  • Agreeing succession & retirement plans for SME’s
  • Farm family retirement planning
  • Resolving conflict between business partners and
  • Facilitating negotiations for shareholder buy-ins and buy-outs.

The public view of mediation often involves families in conflict, or occasionally high-profile disputes involving breach-of-contract or medical negligence. The field of commercial and civil mediation is much broader. Mediation can assist you in resolving any business-related conflict, ideally before litigation has started.

Savvy businesses often request the help of mediators to skilfully facilitate negotiations that may become fractious such as buy-ins and buy-outs, where the parties are anxious to maintain good relations with a carefully-managed negotiation process.

Family businesses may consider mediation where they feel that poor communication and cooperation are damaging productivity and hindering growth. As our mediators have broad experience in both business management and legal matters, we’re well placed to assist with a mediation team that can quickly grasp the matters at hand, helping all parties to better communicate and understand their shared and individual business goals.

We work with a business’s legal and financial advisors to reach nuanced, carefully crafted agreements that take into consideration legal, taxation and other regulatory requirements, as well as the interests of the parties and their emotional dynamics.

If you’re experiencing conflict in your business, we’re here to help.