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“Roisin is extremely knowledgeable about labour and employment law and for those reasons we used Arc Mediation for staff training and mediation at Lyrath Estate Hotel. She has a great ability to listen and to focus on the key legal arguments, she is thorough and to the point. We would highly recommend her and we would have no hesitation in using her expertise again.”
Xavier McAuliffe – CEO Rivercourt Hotel, Kilkenny

“The help and advice we received from Roisin and Shane proved hugely beneficial to us. They both have an in depth knowledge of labour employment law and all the issues surrounding it. Their practical advice on how best to remain compliant with labour regulations were of huge benefit to us. They are both very professional people and we would have no hesitation in using their services again or in recommending them to others.”
Margaret & Laura Bowe, Marlfield House Hotel.

“In all of my dealings with Roisin and Shane of Arc Mediation, in particular for services they have provided to clients, in what are often difficult circumstances, I have found their professionalism to be the catalyst to allow the parties to reach a solution”Neil Breheny – Solicitor, Waterford

“I am delighted that I went though the mediation process with Roisin and Shane – as well as offering spot on advice to both parties, they kept dealings calm with their professional and diplomatic approach. I have no doubt if I hadn’t gone through this process I would probably now be spending a lot more money in the courts. Overall a positive thing to do and I would recommend anyone going through an acrimonious split to look at mediation as their first option.”
Catherine, Waterford

“I am very happy to support Roisin and Shane and admire their initiative in Arc’s multi-discipline integrated approach to mediation. I was privileged to assist in a complex family mediation recently, which showed how the use of a third party was beneficial and improved the outcome of the matter in hand. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services and would like to wish them all the best in future.” Owen Connolly – Consulting Psychologist & Author

“I would like to thank Roisin and her team at Arc Mediation for her diplomatic approach to what was a very bitter and difficult marriage breakdown. Her patience, efficiency and overall skills helped us to reach a settlement that would otherwise have been far costlier and painful than it already was.” Paul – Kilkenny

“I have worked with Roisin and Shane of Arc Mediation on several cases, where their capacity to understand and focus on the core issues, in both technical and human terms, and to communicate clearly with everyone has been critical to an outcome that was satisfactory to all.”
Aidan McAvinue, Aidan McAvinue & Co. Chartered Accountants – Waterford

“Roisin has acted as Mediator in a number of my family law cases involving high conflict disputes where previous attempts at reaching agreement on matters such as child custody and access had failed. Roisin’s empathic approach combined with her in depth knowledge of the legal system proved invaluable in finding solutions that satisfied all parties.”
Mary Tobin, Tobin Solicitors – Kilkenny

Arc mediators have mediated family, commercial and workplace disputes to resolution since Arc was founded in 2010. As part of these mediations we have collaborated with legal, financial and psychotherapeutic professionals to ensure our clients receive a comprehensive service.

Similarly, we have resolved commercial and workplace disputes with a particular expertise in employment regulations governing the hospitality industry. As mediation becomes more popular there are an increasing number of mediators to choose from. At Arc, we believe our service offering is unique for the following reasons.

  • We use co-mediation extensively. Co-mediation means using 2 mediators to improve the efficacy of the mediation process
  • We have a high success rate in bringing mediations to agreement, including high-conflict cases which have been referred by the court following several years of proceedings.
  • We are passionate about mediation and have offered our services for reduced rates when justified by client’s financial circumstances.

Our mediation services are provided under a strict confidentiality agreement. Testimonials are provided with the express consent of our clients.